Wednesday, February 25, 2009

MONDAY MEME - If props were real

The theme this week, albeit a bit late, is the top 10 pop culture items I would love to own, provided of course that it is real and functions as it does in the pop culture happy world. Consider yourself all tagged as I would love to see and read your answers. Let me know and I will put you up on the main page for all to go over and see.


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1. The Tardis from Doctor Who. It’s the Tardis. Pretty shiny police box and even better if it comes with the 10th Doctor inside. Actually it should probably come with the doctor inside. Too much responsibility otherwise. Still…fun to travel through time.

2. Bubo from Clash of the Titans. I loved Clash of the Titans when I was a kid. Still do, actually and I loved Bubo. Not only is he a gift from Athena, but he’s so darn cute. He doesn’t do anything special, not like Athena’s actual magical owl, but this one was forged by Hephaestus so he gets a shiny gold star for that.

3. Transporter from Star Trek. Once I get over the notion that all my molecules would get beamed from place to place (lets hope it doesn’t turn out like Galaxy Quest) it would cut down on gas considerably. Plus, who wouldn’t want to head over to Italy for some authentic cuisine one weekend evening or for lunch.

4. Holodeck from Star Trek. Who wouldn’t want a holodeck. I could go spend a weekend traveling Middle Earth, become part of my favorite film (like one where I am Johnny Depp’s love interest), spend a day at the Louvre without all those pesky lines and tourists or even battle some zombies without the fear of really dying. In fact, you may never see me again if I got a holodeck. My house would be the most popular house on the planet.

5. Wand from Harry Potter. Who wouldn’t want to be able to do magic?

6. Serenity from Serenity/Firefly. It was kind of a toss up between the Millennium Falcon and Serenity. They’re both scrappy and have one hell of a captain. But Serenity has a certain charm. And of course I would need the crew to help me fly.

7. Magical Tent from Harry Potter. The size of a small tent and made of awesome inside. Sure, it might take out some of the “roughing it” that comes with camping, but with a tent like that who needs hotels or hostels. I could travel to my heart’s content provided that there was wi-fi and cable. *grin*

8. Surface Computer from The Island. Or from Minority Report, or [insert sci-fi film here]. The point is computers that work with a gesture of my hand or my voice. Computers that can be on my wall or my desk and are purty, purty, purty. I know they’re coming and I so want one.

9. Replicator from Star Trek. Its not that I don’t like to cook because I do, but a replicator would make things so much easier. I could wake up and say quiche, orange juice and fresh fruit and voila there I go. Or even better I could finally get some clothes that are just my color and size without the need of a tailor. It would also make grabbing that perfect birthday present for my sister amazingly easier.

10. Point of View Gun from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Because people need to see the world from my point of view every now and again. Who would I start with? The cranky people who apparently think that just because I work in retail that I either don’t exist, don’t count, and get paid far too much to put up with their special kind of crap. Betcha that they would be nicer to me then. This also goes for people who use their cell phones at the movie theatre, drivers who don’t use their blinkers and politicians.

Runner Ups include: Babelfish from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. (While I am wishing from things from Hitchhiker’s a Babelfish would be nice. Sure, sticking it my ear might be a bit odd, but at least I would understand every language. This would help when on my travels with my magic tent, the Tardis and the Transporter. It is all about ease my friends. ); Sonic Screwdriver from Doctor Who (It’s compact and is the all in one fixer-upper); Makeup Applicator from the Fifth Element (because I just don’t have the time or the knack); Bottomless Bag from Mary Poppins (would help with the traveling and camping); and the Every Book from Angel (all I would need is one book. I could say: ‘Lord of the Rings’ and voila there it would be for me to read. This would have been handy when doing research papers in Univeristy)

So what are you top 10 picks?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Deadlock - A BSG Recap Review

Another week, another BSG episode of awesome.

Can I touch your goo? Why yes, you may Papadama and maybe we can do some fingerpainting later.

I keep forgetting about how bad rations must be. Earth was supposed to be home. It was supposed to be bountiful. But we all know how that turned out.

She’s pregnant and she can still kick your ass.

I don’t trust that machine. Yes, the irony is funny. I like this new side of Saul. The old miser was always endearing in that ‘get off my lawn’ sort of way. But now I just want to hug him. Discovering you are a Cylon apparently does wonders for pirates. Though I cannot imagine that Ellen is going to pleased with the whole Six/Saul ship. Then again Tigh probably thinks he was never going to see his beloved again. And she did sleep with like half the fleet.

I haven’t seen Kara in a viper for a while. It makes me happy.

Ooh creepy ship. Hmm, maybe because it’s a subtle reminder of who is in that ship…the eight. I don’t trust that eight. She’s spent too much time with Cavil and he is a psycho. But she decided to ‘save’ Ellen far too easily.

Still loving Ellen’s dress.

How many dead chicks are out there? I heart you Hotdog.

What, so Tigh can have both blondes? He’s the Mack daddy Cylon.

Kara’s trying not to look disgusted…and failing.

Oh dear. I’m totally throwing you. I’m still Ellen you know. You’re gonna have to give us something. Can I have a drink? I love that it is Pappadama that has the flask handy and not Saul.

Oh no you didn’t have that stashed away, Bill.

May I see them? Imagine instead of 50,000 survivors there are only five. Mortality is an odd thing. Welcome to it.

Let’s talk sweetie. I love all of Laura’s facial expressions so far. Mary you rock. Snark rules the universe. Maybe she is spending too much time with Kara.

Ah now that is interesting. He saw Ellen with Six and now Six with Ellen. Tigh has issues. Meanwhile Caprica is eating algae and trying to pretend it doesn’t suck for the baby’s sake. And failing.

The fangirls/harem have an arsenal and they are not afraid to use it. Especially when they have their obsession back.

She is no longer believing his bullshit.

Head Six, I missed you too.

So who did you frak? Really? But we created her. Umm....Ellen, You created Cavil in the image of your father and then gave him the swirl.

She is like the loving mother, doting on her children. Kind of non Ellen like.

Sure Tory, make it about you…bitca. Of course she put it in everyone else’s heads Tigh. Its Tory.

Caprica Six is pregnant? Oh did I forget to tell you that? My bad. Poor Ellen. It is one thing to know your true love frakked someone else, but that a pure Cylon child will be borne of that union, no matter how strange it is has got to hurt. No matter how much they fight, they wouldn’t if they didn’t love each other just a bit. I want to hug her right now.

Uh oh, Mommy and Daddy are fighting. Awkward.

Yeah this one. Gaius is pretty cure isn’t he?

Oh look he just made another fangirl.

It’s like watching my parents make out. Still picking fights with friends. That’s my girl.

He didn’t tell you about the sex? Probably not. What man on this earth is going to? Unless he thinks he can score a threesome. But you knew that Ellen. You’ve known him for centuries. You remember it all even if he doesn’t and you did this just to be spiteful. You really are the same old Ellen.

It has always been about love. Love that creates. All the time that Tigh/Caprica were together he really did have Ellen on his mind. Mental porn or maybe Ellen is his soulmate.

It’s just one soul touching another. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Still the same old Baltar. He’s like a crow instead of something shiny, its something pretty and with breasts.

Ours are bigger. Wonder if Gaius is feeling inadequate?

Aw, look at the drunken bromance.

Head six has a new dress. Loving it. The Cylons have all the cute outfits.

We need strength…from within…oh and guns, bigger guns, better guns. But don’t forget about the strength from within. Or the guns. Definitely the guns.

Its weird how the more Tigh and Ellen fight the more baby Liam seems to be having problems. Does Ellen suspect that maybe, just maybe, Tigh’s love for Ellen really may have created that child?

*Gasp* They just killed the only pure Cylon. *Gasp x4* Oh poor Caprica.

I’m going to go to the head, a little project I have been working on. Potty humor Galactica style.

I’m gonna call her Vera.

Sam’s back. Yeah. Okay, well sort of.

I want to hug them both.

It has begun. the very last shot are pictures that the Cylons have lost. Where do the humans end and the Cylons begin? That is what is so great about this show. It makes you think just as it makes the characters on screen think. Show me the differences. Prove to me the differences.

I am still in shock over the fact that they killed Baby Liam. And I am a bit curious on how the Eight and Ellen found the Fleet so fast. It doesnt seem to bode well. If Eight can find them, so can Cavil.

Friday, February 20, 2009

No Exit - A BSG Picspam Review

Sorry so late fellow BSG fans. Big week for me and I am just now sitting down to watching it all before this week's eppie. For those who know me, the interview at the Japanese consulate went really well, methinks despite the cold which has thoroughly kicked my ass all week and hopefully in July I will be headed overseas to teach. *crossing fingers* But enough about me. Its all about the Cylons and answers and icky Cavil this week. Yeah. As always spoilers if you haven't seen last week's episode, but since I am a week behind, I am sure you guys are just fine.

New title sequence. Ooh, an answer episode methinks. Even better when we get to see old school Centurions. They make my inner child all giddy like.

One was sacrificed. Did Ellen know?

I don’t think, no I know, I was an Ellen fan until now. I can’t imagine how it must feel to be resurrected. All of those memories and feelings come rushing back all at once. And for Ellen, that brutal knowledge of your sacrifice, of the things you have done, and that the man you have loved for centuries took your life.

This is one of the first time we have seen kindness towards the Centurions. Ellen doesn’t treat it like a dog or a slave. She gets s shiny gold star for that.

Bald Anders. I suppose its better than dead Anders. Though apparently he is now oracle Anders. Among bright stars…I’m lost. I am so going to have to watch this again to get all of his oracle stuff, though I am sure there is a transcript out there by now.

I’m so glad that Kara is there with him. It makes me love her even more because she could have gone a very different way. She could have hated him for being a Cylon, for being one of the things that destroyed everything. But she didn’t. She doesn’t care. She loves him anyway, even if it is in her odd way.

Hello John. Brother Cavil, I knew you would show up sooner or later even if it is in a flashback. *shiver* He gives me the wiggins, a testament for how creepy Dean Stockwell can make his characters. I totally loved him in Quantum Leap. *grin*

I think that depends on how you define things. Great line because that’s an important question in this series. What does it mean to be human. The Cylons bleed, think, and feel exactly like humans. They can even have children. And now they are mortal. Is there really that big of a difference? Does it matter?

After all I’ve seen it all before. Ick. From the look on her face she shares the sentiments. So Ellen created his model and then went horizontal with him. Granted not really by choice, she was trying to save Tigh at the time, but still….ewww. Shades of Oedipus much.

My poor Galactica. Its okay, Papadama and Chief will make you all better. And yes, sometimes I talk to my car as well. Or anything I am trying to coax to keep working and working well.

Yeah chief is back. I mean really back. He has a title and everything. Sir, I’m still a Cylon. So is my XO. I heart you Adama.

Ah, there is our wounded. I knew we wouldn’t get off that easy with the mutiny.

I remember everything. Cue the exposition.

All I can say is I hope I look as good as Kate Vernon does when I am her age. Suddenly, I am feeling the need to do situps.

Awww, poor little Cavil wants to be a machine and nothing more. Personally, I love my sleep. In fact, I could sleep the day away if given the chance. And I definitely need more of it. He still doesn’t understand. Vengeance, pride, stubbornness, arrogance and even his polluted form of justice, these are all human traits. Its quite funny that he wants justice for his Centurion forefathers when he is the one who was so willing to treat them like a lapdog. To perform lobotomies on them. He has no respect for them and certainly no sense of justice. Hypocrite. He just has a god complex.

Sad, he’s broken this eight as well, turned her into a shy and cowering little sycophant hand maiden.

Has he taught you the swirl? Score one for Ellen. Somehow I don’t think that John would be so willing to give up his libido in his quest to become a better machine. Look at the Centurions sweetie. They’re like Ken dolls.

Yeah, I would be giggling too if I thought I had to be married to Tory or shivering in disgust. Same thing.

They reinvented resurrection. Interesting. Confusing. My head is beginning to hurt. Like Sam's.

As a woman, I just have to say that maroon looks good on Jaime. Really good. This must be his shirt of Presidency. Cause you know it is coming.

I cannot imagine going back there after what happened to the Quorum. The blood on the desk, the holes in the walls.

You are the right one. I completely agree that he has such a hero/boy scout complex that he doesn’t always do the smart thing or the thing that needs to be done because he always wants to do what is right. That is why he had Kara back when he was CAG because she wasn’t afraid to do what needed to be done even when it was against the rules. But I think he makes a good opposite to the President as well, that they will keep each other in check and that will help the fleet in the end.

Just don’t jump her for a while. Which would be fine if Cavil and his cronies weren’t probably on their way because they are definitely coming. I wouldn’t loathe him so much if they weren’t.

We needed to warn them. Whoa, everyone is glowing. That happens sometimes Sam…when you’re on drugs. You’re high. Enjoy it. Unless of course you're brain hemorrhaging and then...well help!

Boxing isn’t permanent, not like number 7. We haven’t seen seven have we? Oooh. How do you destroy a model so completely?

I don’t want to be human. Whine, whine, whine. He’s like a petulant four year old in grandpa’s body.

Do you feel remorse? Who am I suppose to love? I love how the very next shot is Chief. Subtle…ummm, no.

I love you Tigh. Share the blame. There is no one person at fault. Everyone frakked up. Everyone had free will. Everyone chose the path that you are on, human or cylon. No one forced anybody to do anything.

Look on my non PC lightbox that you are a Mac and I am completely making up the brain injury stuff. I love that even when Sam asks for more time, Kara isnt willing to risk his life for the answers even if those are answers about herself. She lurves him.

I know I always want a scotch when I wake up in the morning.

They don’t even know about the colony. Wha- What? Colony? Roanoke? The LOSTies?

How it must feel to see your creation go so very very wrong.

Hmm, I wonder if he means head people?

Ah, pirate daddy Saul is kinda cute. Though Six/Tigh is still kinda weird and hard for my head to wrap around.

Ah so seven is Daniel. Kara’s father maybe. Daniel was an artist. Kara’s father was a pianist and plus Kara paints. Hmmmmmmm…

Cavil the Sadist. Didn’t see that one coming. I cant wait to see what perfection looks like on the inside. Just what a serial killer would say.

They’re hoping for a musical. So are we. Especially if the Centurions do some Rockette moves. You know it would be made of awesome. Sadly, however...Sam isn't int here. Maybe he's having a dance dream sequence at the Opera house.

What a great episode. It has its flaws (I could have done without all the heavy exposition in one episode, though I know they will come back and explain better or they damn well better). Man Cavil is going to be pissed when he finds out both his hand maiden and his mommy have left him. He might even cry though it will probably be more like a temper tantrum.

Whoo hoo. Now on to this week's episode.