Tuesday, February 10, 2009


As I peruse the interwebs this fine day off, I have found a few trailers of films I am looking forward to this year. I love trailers. They are one of my favorite parts of going to film in the theatre and I am giddy that there are even television shows, such as Nothing but Trailers, that cater to love for them.

Knowing - I dig Alex Proyas. After all he did bring me Dark City (which I love and is far underrated) and the Crow. The premise looks interesting and though I am not a huge fan of Nicholas Cage of late, it doesnt look half bad.

Wolverine - Because I get Hugh Jackman, Gambit and Ryan Reynolds all in the same film. Its my layout for a reason.

The Brothers Bloom - Rian Johnson did a flick called Brick a couple of years ago which I loved and this just looks cute. Not only do I expect the film to keep me guessing, but I think the dialogue will be just as interesting as Brick was

Land of the Lost - I grew up with the TV show and so a movie remake has me playing the skeptic, but I laugh every time I see the trailer.

Are there any films you are excited about?


  1. I too love trailers! :-)

    What am I excited about?
    I am looking forward to Watchmen, Star Trek, Terminator 4, Inglourious Basterds, 9, and The Wolfman - also, I am curious about the Re-Make of Last House on the Left. . .
    [tons more too that I am not remembering right now]

  2. Well, Wolverine goes without saying. I'll go by myself if I have to. I'd also watch the Nick Cage one, but I'm on the fence with Land of the Lost. Will Farrell is sometimes good, Elf made me laugh, but he's not always my taste. The Brothers Bloom looks really cute. I hope it's as good as the trailer.

  3. Just coudn't help myself; had to comment on a gr8 blog, 'smirking'...

    I am pretty discerning about my 'superhero' stuff- to be honest, about the only enduring efforts for me have been 'Hellboy', 'Batman', and a few select others. Getting the balance right is easier said than done, no matter how much money you throw at a concept.

    Regarding Hugh Jackman- I have been wanting to get this off my chest now for some time, and I guess here is as good a place as any.

    I don't know if you have seen Jackman in "Australia" (the movie, not the continent) but the movie, although having done quite well here, seems to have flopped in the US and other major territories.

    The problem for me is that over here, we are almost being browbeaten into watching the film as a matter of national pride- tantamount to being 'guilted' into seeing the film because it is Australian, and to support the industry. (despite the fact that it is largely funded by foreign money, and has actors in it we don't really regard as Australian so much as honorary American)

    Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being honorary American, and God knows, our industry is almost nonexistent here, so who wouldn't go to America if they had an ounce of talent.

    At risk of being accused of being bitchy, let me elaborate a little more; my problem with "Australia" (the movie, not the place, the idiom, or the state of mind) is that I don't like being urged and badgered to see a movie out of national pride; blind faith in nation, flag, or anything for that matter has the potential to get you killed. And that is definitely the case here; people are saying 'you should go and see this film, support the industry' (and make no mistake, here in Aust if you don't see the film, in many circles, you are considered a traitor, much like you were either with the Bush admin, or with the terrorists)


    I strenuously reject this bogus bullshit.

    The other problem is that now that Jackman is an honorary American, and as such does this amazing high concept scenery chewing special effects driven material that the Americans do so well, it is virtually impossible for me to believe that Wolverine could possibly be an Australian Stockman!! Sorry- it is just too big a stetch!! Accepted, I should have the imagination to accept Jackman as a working actor, and be able to suspend disbelief to the point where I can watch him in all kinds of roles, but I am only human!! For Hugh to kick such arse as the larger than life Wolverine, amongst other great work, and then to buy him as a working man on the land- it is too much even for me, a seasoned watcher of motion pitcures.

    Part of the reason I have held back on declaring this is because I can probably justifiably be accused of being so many things; ignorant, unpatriotic, unaustralian, shallow, etc. The bottom line is, if Hugh Jackman and the makers of "Australia" want me to see the film, then they shouldn't have put Hugh in it. To someone who is mesmerised by his transcendent turn as the Wolverine, pardon me if I look at the poster for "Australia" and wonder where Hugh's sideburns and blades are...

    Russell Crowe turned down the role of Wolverine in the first "X-Men" film for a reason; and I would venture his desire to avoid superhero's ('Gladiator' being a borderline debatable exception) at the risk of them overshadowing any 'ordinary human roles' he might want to play MIGHT be one of the reasons. And I can only speculate as to why he did not continue with his participation in "Australia".

    I think it all boils down to the fact that motion picture mythology is really a form of alchemy; is is suspension of disbelief and condescension for the greater good of the art. And yet, sometimes the mythology is simply too convincing, too powerful. Jackman might well simply be too good as Wolverine to ever play an ordinary person again. (I don't count 'The Fountain' as his role in that was both resplendent, transcendent, and consistently 'out of this world' to fit in with his other fantasy ouvre...). And I understand Hugh now lives at least some portion of the year in Albert Park, here in Melb, Aust, so if I ever see him, I might risk a smack in the face or four bloody slashes across the backside by telling him what I think.

    Or not.

    So I say it here. Hugh, you are simply too bloody convincing as a 'superhero'; I guess I simply don't have what it takes to see you as an 'ordinary hero'.

    Speaking of stars who live in Melbourne, I note with interest your bit about "Knowing". Like "Ghost Rider", "Knowing" was also shot partly in Melbourne. I understand Nic Cage liked it here so much, he bought a place in a seaside suburb here known as Williamstown. Melbourne is becoming a bit of a hangout for hollywood types. I loved "Next", so if "Knowing" is a fraction as good as that, it should be worth a look.

    I just hope Nic isn't tempted to play an Aussie Stockman anytime soon...

    Congratulations on a great blog, and thanks for giving me the opportunity to get this off my chest. Now perhaps I can go and get a life...