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The Oath - BSG Picspam Review

Hello again, fellow BSG fans. I am oh so excited for this episode. It looks like once again not a whole lot of answers on the Cylon front or clarifying and exploring the 5th. But like I said last week, they're giving us what we need not what I want and I love the guys for that. As always spoilers from this point on if you havent seen the episode. Last chance. Okay then, on to the thoughts.

Recap joy. Yep, Felix is still evil. With Zarek they make the duo of evil. The sinister two. I want to punch them both and love Ron and David for making me loathe those two now when I never really did before.

Aw, morning after cuteness. How absolutely adorable is Roslin?

I also love how uncomfortable Tigh looks. Really, Tigh? You had no idea this was happening? Yes, your best friend is getting some with the prez. This should make you no more uncomfortable then when Bill found out you just fathered a child with Six. Oh yeah, I guess you can look uncomfortable.

Oh Gaeta, how I loathe thee. May you trip and fall out of an airlock.

I'll try to make it home for supper. I'll have it ready. Cuteness and snark. Roslin rocks. Yep that's why Daddydama loves her.

Racetrack...sigh. Not you too. Actually, not that big of a surprise. You know this airlock is going to get kid of crowded methinks.

Fleet size: 39,643. Somehow I think next week's survivor count is going to suck. Remember folks you're supposed to shag for humanity's survival not kill each other because you are cranky. Le sigh.

I hate that they dont see Gaeta for what he is and absolutely love it at the same time. I love that the boys are completely unafraid to take characters that people like and care about and turn it upside down. I love how Gaeta's reasons are almost justifiable and yet how he can be blind to what's coming...and that is the Cylons that dont want to be buddy buddy with the fleet. Cavil is still out there and I cannot imagine he is a happy camper. But without Raider threat every hours people are turning this anger, this bitterness, and fear and sorrow on the only Cylons and Cylon lovers that they see. Social and political commentary? Yeah, its there and I love that it is there if you want to see it. This show is amazing. Why must it end?

Oh it looks like Zarek has the prettier tie this time Lee.

Ruh-roh Shaggy. No, don't hurt Anders. Seelix you're a nutter. Just because I called him first does not mean you have to go all Fatal Attraction on him. OKay, am I going to have to kill half the fleet myself because they are being fraktards? Cause that is really going to limit the gene pool when shagging for humanity's survival.

No, not half the fleet Hotdog, just the cute ones...oh and Baltar but I was thinking about Lee the entire time.

Ooh this is not going to end well. Seriously, this tension might kill me. I need more chocolate.

Luckily, Starbuck is made of awesome and has a small arsenal in her locker. She's kinda like Jayne that way except without the grenades and Vera. It is why I heart her.

Seriously folks Starbuck is back and she is going to kick your ass Gaeta in ways you cannot even imagine. And she's probably going to smile the entire time. And yes, the pity frak is STILL out of the question.

Ooh you little weasel.

Ack, the shiteth hath hiteth the fan...eth. Daddydama hates this job today too. I love that I am yelling at the tv screen. Only really good shows make me do that. Though I think I might be scaring the puppy.

No...Lee!! You better not cause I will seriously have to fly into space and kill you all. Yes, I am attached despite liking old CAG Lee more than suit and tie Lee.

Kara! My girl is so back. Bad ass extraordinaire. She's dies once and its no fun and also she has two guns.

Let him go. Frak you! Boom. Seriously, did you think she was joking? She just shot your friend in the head and now Lee has red on him. Was there something that said...she's a pushover? She can kick your ass in or out of the cockpit. The woman is made of awesome so you getting shot because you were mouthy should be no real surprise. You kind of earned it buddy.

See this is why I have a girly crush. That steady smirk, the dont frak with me swagger, her smile as she pulls two guns. SQT had a little post about BSG (which you should all go and read) and an article that Dirk Benedict wrote about the apparent castration of Starbuck. Really? If it came down to a fighting match between old Starbuck and new Starbuck, Kara Thrace FTW my friends. I admit I was wary when they changed Starbuck to a girl. I grew up on the old BSG along with Buck Rogers, Wonder Woman, etc. But then I gave the miniseries a chance and fell in love. I identified with Kara as beautifully damaged as she was. She was strong, independent, intelligent and didn't need Prince Charming to come and save her. In fact she's saved Lee's ass quite a few times. Like now *grin* I like this Starbuck more. Not because Starbuck is now a woman, but there's more depth to the character. She isn't just all swagger and snark. She's not just a pretty face that can kick your ass. She's just more and I love every bit of her.

The moment you show Hera, you know something is going to go so very wrong. There are no happy rainbows and puppies in this episode.

Oh you so need to die...saving myself for your sweet toaster wife. Was every man on Pegasus from prison and all about rape? Cause it kind of seems like it right now. Pegasus was made of asylum patients. That must be it. Just crazy creepy people...except for Kendra Shaw and Laird :( and Hoshi. Oh Helo...

Kissy face. Aw, I'm grinning like an idiot. Yeah old Kara and Lee are back. I'm so happy and yeah I dig them together. It was just the love square that was oh so very wrong.

Yes, Suit Lee this a gun. You remember how to use it?

Yep, old CAG Apollo has returned...Kara and Lee against the world the way it used to be. Gods I love this show.

Holy frak me sideways! Gaeta you are so dead. And when I say so I mean SO-O-O dead. With three O's. There should be a sign that says no shooting on the CIC.

Really you're going to frak with Papadama because he will frak you up. Trust me, angry Bill scares me way more than you scare me Gaeta. I saw him angry last week and I was scared.

Frakking Zarek. Yeah I hear you Laura.

Baltar's harem....erm compartment.

You understand I have no desire to leave you my fangirls. I love you all, except maybe you over there because you're a guy.

The chief is back. Yeah. No more emo Tyrol. He was not my favorite.

When this is over there is going to be a reckoning. Oh yeah. So what's it gonna be? Daddydama aka Dirty Harry. What's it gonna be punk.

And Tigh and Daddydama roll natural 20's for the win. And yes it really is all about the two guns of awesome. Dirty Harry and an aged Snake Pliskin to save the day.

Yeah I would be worried too Felix. Once this is over you better hope that Brother Cavil comes to save your ass and make you his new snugglebunny because you are so dead. And no Zarek cant help you.

Roslin starts her own talk radio and saves the day.

Mr. and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Thrace.

They are not your men anymore. They are the enemy.

So serene. So calm. I love how strong the women are in this show.

Awkward. The parents are making out. Seriously...did none of you see this coming? You think they are in their room together studying?

Narcho? What kind of name is Narcho? NoooooooooooO! How am I going to survive next week's episode?

Wow, that was an episode. I think I need a massage from all of the tension I have residing in my poor body right now. The past two week's we have seen people at their worst. We have seen people give up. We have seen people cry and feel lost. But now we have the family back together again (Kara, Lee, Adama, Tigh, Roslin and even the Chief) that have that fire back. There is no more emotional void, that deadness that made me want to give everyone a hug and then slap them back to the present. I love that Starbuck is back. I love that Roslin is back (and be very very afraid. She is coming for you).

I will say that I still wonder if Gaeta is the last Cylon. When Baltar talked to him on the phone he mentioned his hunger for redemption which is what the Oracle spoke of "And the fifth, still in the shadow yet clawing for the light, hungry for redemption, that will only come in the howl of terrible suffering." Somehow I think that was put in there for a reason. Maybe Ellen really is the older version of Six. And I loved the look on Hoshi's face throughout the episode. He knew what Felix was doing but couldn't stand to give his lover up.

I am hoping that Hotdog redeems himself from being an ass (Starbuck was just being her usual snarky self when she was dishing out her usual quips. He adores Kara, always has. Why did he have to be such a dick?) and shoots down the other viper that is being sent to destroy the Raptor.

Other things that brought me joy: Lee talking to Tigh about the Cylons starting it all. He isn't being a dick, he's just reminding everyone how this all started. He's reminding everyone that there is a legitimate reason why Zarek and Gaeta chose the side that they are on. And while it doesn't bring me joy the loss of life in this episode is going to have a lot of repercussions. Throughout the episode there is gunfire and screams. You try to ignore it, but there it is. They've all come some far. To end it like this makes me want to cry. But I love how emotionally involved I am. I love that a show can do this to me.

Wow what an amazing episode. Your thoughts?

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  1. What an amazing episode indeed!

    I'm with you on the whole "need a massage from all of the tension" and of course I'm with you on the whole Starbuck issue!! ;-)

    I am so going to hate when this show ends!