Wednesday, February 25, 2009

MONDAY MEME - If props were real

The theme this week, albeit a bit late, is the top 10 pop culture items I would love to own, provided of course that it is real and functions as it does in the pop culture happy world. Consider yourself all tagged as I would love to see and read your answers. Let me know and I will put you up on the main page for all to go over and see.


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1. The Tardis from Doctor Who. It’s the Tardis. Pretty shiny police box and even better if it comes with the 10th Doctor inside. Actually it should probably come with the doctor inside. Too much responsibility otherwise. Still…fun to travel through time.

2. Bubo from Clash of the Titans. I loved Clash of the Titans when I was a kid. Still do, actually and I loved Bubo. Not only is he a gift from Athena, but he’s so darn cute. He doesn’t do anything special, not like Athena’s actual magical owl, but this one was forged by Hephaestus so he gets a shiny gold star for that.

3. Transporter from Star Trek. Once I get over the notion that all my molecules would get beamed from place to place (lets hope it doesn’t turn out like Galaxy Quest) it would cut down on gas considerably. Plus, who wouldn’t want to head over to Italy for some authentic cuisine one weekend evening or for lunch.

4. Holodeck from Star Trek. Who wouldn’t want a holodeck. I could go spend a weekend traveling Middle Earth, become part of my favorite film (like one where I am Johnny Depp’s love interest), spend a day at the Louvre without all those pesky lines and tourists or even battle some zombies without the fear of really dying. In fact, you may never see me again if I got a holodeck. My house would be the most popular house on the planet.

5. Wand from Harry Potter. Who wouldn’t want to be able to do magic?

6. Serenity from Serenity/Firefly. It was kind of a toss up between the Millennium Falcon and Serenity. They’re both scrappy and have one hell of a captain. But Serenity has a certain charm. And of course I would need the crew to help me fly.

7. Magical Tent from Harry Potter. The size of a small tent and made of awesome inside. Sure, it might take out some of the “roughing it” that comes with camping, but with a tent like that who needs hotels or hostels. I could travel to my heart’s content provided that there was wi-fi and cable. *grin*

8. Surface Computer from The Island. Or from Minority Report, or [insert sci-fi film here]. The point is computers that work with a gesture of my hand or my voice. Computers that can be on my wall or my desk and are purty, purty, purty. I know they’re coming and I so want one.

9. Replicator from Star Trek. Its not that I don’t like to cook because I do, but a replicator would make things so much easier. I could wake up and say quiche, orange juice and fresh fruit and voila there I go. Or even better I could finally get some clothes that are just my color and size without the need of a tailor. It would also make grabbing that perfect birthday present for my sister amazingly easier.

10. Point of View Gun from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Because people need to see the world from my point of view every now and again. Who would I start with? The cranky people who apparently think that just because I work in retail that I either don’t exist, don’t count, and get paid far too much to put up with their special kind of crap. Betcha that they would be nicer to me then. This also goes for people who use their cell phones at the movie theatre, drivers who don’t use their blinkers and politicians.

Runner Ups include: Babelfish from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. (While I am wishing from things from Hitchhiker’s a Babelfish would be nice. Sure, sticking it my ear might be a bit odd, but at least I would understand every language. This would help when on my travels with my magic tent, the Tardis and the Transporter. It is all about ease my friends. ); Sonic Screwdriver from Doctor Who (It’s compact and is the all in one fixer-upper); Makeup Applicator from the Fifth Element (because I just don’t have the time or the knack); Bottomless Bag from Mary Poppins (would help with the traveling and camping); and the Every Book from Angel (all I would need is one book. I could say: ‘Lord of the Rings’ and voila there it would be for me to read. This would have been handy when doing research papers in Univeristy)

So what are you top 10 picks?

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  1. hahahaha ~ Fantastic choices ~ I definitely agree with each of the Star Trek ones!