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Blood on the Scales - BSG Review

Another Friday, another lovely week of BSG. This season continues to make me geektastic. Somehow I think that the Reckoning is going to happen now and not later. Woe be to those who try to go against Papadama. As always spoilers from this point on if you havent seen the episode. Last chance. Okay then, on to the thoughts.

His name is Narcho. I think that is the same as Red Shirt. Or Asshat. Which is sad because I like Sebastian Spence. Yeah Hot Dog, you have redeemed yourself. Or you will. Like now, I hope. Purty please.

Oh sure piss of the Cylons. Yeah that’s gonna work for your mutiny really well Gaeta.


Ugh Tory.

I love Roslin. She has such utter faith in Adama. Amazing how far we have come.

You call up Roslin and make her laugh. Oh I heart you Papadama.

Gaeta thinks what he is doing is right. I hate that he thinks what he is doing is right. He doesn’t care what the costs are right now. He only has his rage and his sorrow and his hate. Yes, the Cylons may have started it, but is this how it should end? Gaeta will not be remembered for everything he has done since the colonies were destroyed. They will not remember his bravery. They will not remember what he did on new Caprica. They will only remember this. How far the hero has fallen. And to paraphrase The Dark Knight he hasn’t died the hero but lived long enough to become the villain of the story. Who would have thought?

Survivor count = 39603. Down only 43 lives from last week. I thought the casualty number would be a bit higher with all of that screaming we heard though I suppose the number of wounded could be very high as well.

Zarek and Racetrack all buddy buddy now? I think I just got a little bit nauseous.

Oh Helo. And poor little Hera wondering what is wrong with daddy?

Romo Lampkin. Mark Sheppard. My geeky love just got all warm and fuzzy. I swear Mark Sheppard steals the show with his characters (Badger on Firefly, Romo on BSG, even Sterling on my new favorite Leverage). I cannot wait to see him on Dollhouse. And I am still disappointed he wasn't the final Cylon. I know he was a big longshot, but he would have been great.

Death by Firing squad. Well I am not a very good shot. No, They need a pimp. Field Trip of Justice. Love, love Romo.

Shove it up your ass. Hee hee. I love Daddydama. I know I say it every week, but Gods why is this show ending?

I believe he is that someone. Yes, but you’re insane Zarek. Even if you do have a pretty tie.

No frakking way. The entire Quorum. *pick up jaw from floor*

This what you started Gaeta. This is what happens…when you make a former power hungry terrorist your man in charge. Once we he had truth on our side. No Gaeta, the truth is told by those who are left standing.

Glad its Chief and not me. I have a thing about confined spaces. We are not friends. Bet he is wishing he didn’t have that algae burger last night.

Tory is now the leader of the rebel models? Since when? Ugh. And yes jumping away, that would be what you decided. So much for the alliance.Roslin, you’re giving Tory too much credit. A broader vision? Umm…no, this is still Tory.

She’s right. The fleet has defied all odds. The almost genocide of an entire species, new caprice, living off of algae, and now you are going to give up? I want to hug Laura. She’s trying to say it all with such conviction, such strength and then that desperation leaks into her voice. She has to believe that Bill is alive, has to believe that they haven’t gone through all of it just for it to end like this, that there is still hope…still a life after all of this.

Long live the revolution. Just shoot me now because I am too frakking tired to fight you. At least he’s honest.

This was a hell of a ship once. It really was. And it was full of people who were united, who refused to give up. It used to be a beacon despite its old age. It was what protected the Fleet. Now maybe it is time for the Fleet to give something back. Thank you for letting Chief go Aaron.

I wont betray my beliefs.

Yes, it goes to show that men still cannot aim. Although it might be hard for them if Kara Thrace showed up and slammed their head against the wall. Could impede the whole aiming process. I love how amused Lee looks.

Long haired Six is gorgeous. So much better than platinum blonde.

Apollo and Starbuck = made of awesome. Did I mention I love having my dynamic duo back to their old selves?

I never pulled the pin. Not funny. Yeah, it would have been if you’d thought of it. No, not funny. Actually it kinda is.

No, I do not like having Anders shot in the neck or anywhere else for that matter. It makes the smirking revenge not a happy camper. Kill Tory not Sam. As much as Kara loves Lee, she also loves Sam. He might have been the easy choice, but she cares about him She doesn’t want to lose him, cylon or not. Please don’t kill Sam tonight Powers that Be. I will give you a cookie.

Why go through the motions of a ‘trial’? It is pointless. It is useless.

Don’t cry Daddydama. Zarek is lying, as per usual, pirate Tigh is safe. Your bromance is not dead.

Yeah ruh roh Gaeta. You just called out by the President. No safe harbors for you now, even if you manage to live through this. Do you see the error of your ways? You tried mutiny once and it didn’t work. In fact that’s how you lost your leg. Did you really think it was going to work this time?

Okay it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that Leoben helped.

Oh Kara.

Romo Lampkin for the big frakkin win. 20,000,000 shiny gold stars. The man just killed a marine with a pen. A pen. He’s like Jason Bourne in space. He was just really pissed that no one was going to feed his dog and they took his glasses.

Gaius dreams about Daddydama. Well that doesn’t happen every day.

I feel sick. No wait, I feel something else. Yeah, keep doing that. Baltar takes responsibility. That also doesn’t happen every day.

No one sits in Daddydama’s chair. Not even you Felix.

There will be an execution, but not Adama’s. This is the Reckoning.

I will use every cannon, every weapon. Hell hath no fury like Laura Roslin.

No one knows this ship like Chief. Yeah, Chief saves the day. This is his ship, his baby and its great to have him back as part of it.

At this moment, Felix knows. He knows that it is finished. He knows that his life is forfeit and that he has failed. AJ, you rock. Wake up! And yes, Gaeta finally has woken up. Woke from his grief and his rage and his sorrow. Maybe he sees the folly in it all at this moment. Maybe he refuses to let Zarek destroy what is left.

The ship is bleeding, torn apart by all of this. Let us all pray that she can be fixed before Cavil arrives.

Excuse me a sec. I'm a little verklempt"

Gaius and Gaeta. This is old Gaeta, a Gaeta we once knew and loved. Baltar knows the old Felix and is actually sad, feels sorrow. And yes, Baltar of all people knows who Felix is. He will remember.

You knew this was how it was going to end, didn’t you?

It stopped. Gaeta is finally at peace with who he is and what he has done. It is finally over for him.

Holy cow, wow what another great episode. 9 hours of utter insanity. 9 hours for a failed coup and the death of two major characters. What does this mean for the other mutineers like Seelix, Racetrack and even Narcho (who apparently did not read any Nostradamus quatrains to realize that mutiny was a bad idea. Gold stars to anyone who gets that) Of course there are so many implications from this episode. What will happen in this aftermath? The Quorum is dead, Zarek may be a martyr and Galactica is falling apart.

There was resolution to this episode though. Gaeta's death is tragic and bittersweet, a hero lost. For this Alessandro deserves a statue of awesome. And I enjoyed Gaius is well. That scene at the end was poignant between the two. And like I said, I felt resolution. I dont think this is the end of the fallout after finding a scorched Earth, but I am content that the bulk of this subplot not only occurred and I think was done well, but that it is over as well.

Stunning episode. So what did you think? Are you still loving every blessed moment?

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  1. Why is this show ending indeed?!? :-(

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