Sunday, March 1, 2009

Someone to Watch Over Me: BSG Recap

The end is near and there is a lot that has yet to be answered or even discussed. I have faith, but I must confess I am a little worried. From the looks of last week's promo trailer, it looks to be a heavy Kara episode so of course I am pleased as punch. Spoilers if you havent seen it, but I am sure you have by now.

Not cool when you wake up in the morning and see your charred remains. I mean I know I look like hell in the morning, but...

I hate seeing Kara so vulnerable. She’s always been troubled, damaged, a mess really, but she’s always known who she is even when she lashes out; even when she uses snark to try and deflect. But now she doesn’t know who she is. Is she human? Is she real? In a way she must be feeling like Boomer did, but in the end at least Boomer knew that she was a Cylon. Even when she died in Chief’s arms. She had something. But Starbuck doesn’t have that. She doesn’t fit and though she’s been hiding it really well in public, now we see that lose look, that vulnerability.

Going through the motions.

And you will get this fine tube of Tauron toothpaste, the last in the known universe. What a prize. Felgercarb Toothpaste, whiter and brighter.

Does it burn? And if it does is she grateful for that pain because then at least she feels something. And pain is real. It has to be. In this I can relate to her. Maybe the whole shot is cliche, but it works for me. Maybe that’s why I like her so much because I see bits of myself in her.

I’m surprised how many Cylons are now viper jocks. I didn’t think it would happen this soon.

We’re not ready to give up on the old girl just yet. I love how one object can represent so much in this show. Galactica isn’t just a Battlestar. She’s home. She’s been the Earth they’ve been looking for. And she is also Laura Roslin. They are both tires and fighting for their lives. They are both loved. We know this and Laura knows this. Subtly isn’t always BSG’s strongpoint, but I will forgive them for that because it works for me.

Boomer tried for treason. Capital punishment was pointless at one time, but now that they are mortal…Yeah I guess it did change the game a bit. But Chief doesn’t see that. In the Cavil Boomer, he sees the woman that he loved and the woman he lost. He’s an idiot, but I heart him anyway.

Yes, Starbuck we love Anders arms as well. Or at least I do. And his chest. Actually, geeky lust aside, its such a touching gesture. Once more we see her vulnerability and how much Sam really means to her.

Kara don’t cry. Cause I’m gonna get all weepy.

Does she remember her father? A time when there was joy in her life before he was taken away from her. I’ve always had this crazy notion and I know others share it that her father was a Cylon. It certainly would make certain things make sense. Ever since Daniel has been mentioned, I have been wondering maybe he is her father. There are too many coincidences.

Software doesn’t have feelings, but you’ve always had them Chief. And for Boomer. But that eight, she’s not it sweetie. Not that one. It is too easy.

Hera's drawing stars. Jellybean shaped stars. Someone should probably pay attention to those drawings. They are Hera's after all.

This isnt Boomer. There is nothing there. And shiny gold star for Grace to make each eight unique. She's not good Galen. She's Cavil's little handmaiden manipulator.

What the hell is this? Suburbia apparently.

Aw married pictures. But Chief this is fantasy land. And this is fantasy Boomer, not the one in the brig. How can she do that? Cylon projection. Is that how head people came into being. If so, who is projecting Head Six to Baltar.

Its longer. Lotta notes.

No thoughts. Just cute Starbuck.

And Tigh's back to his old hardly sober Tigh self. But he's been through a lot. I am still surprised that they killed off baby Liam.

Ack, there is something off about her. It's all too easy. This is the eight who didnt believe in love. An eight who wants to be a better machine. You dont change sides that quickly. Not with Cavil's brainwashing.

But I want Chief to be happy. I want him to have that little girl and that happily ever after.

It makes me happy to see Kara so happy and relaxed. Even though Slick is too coincidental. Even though this makes me think of head Leoben from Maelstrom aka Not really Leoben. So not really Slick.

Ah little Kara. Happy Kara. I wish they would show her father's face even though I think Slick is her father.

You're dreaming Kata. Am I the only one who jumped every time charred head came on the screen?

Piano man = therapist. I am glad she told someone though. But perhaps random stranger in the bar isn't the best person to tell that you found your own dead body. Its true Starbuck. Not all who wander are lost.

Please dont do something stupid Galen. Even though I know you will.


Too many echoes of her father.

Why did you do that Chief? Why? You know you have been played right?

He never came back. He left me alone with a mother who 'toughened' me up. He left.

I'll play if you play. Aw, I love Slick/Dad/Daniel.

This is a beautifully directed episode.

Athena! I told you that eight was not Boomer, not the Boomer we knew and loved. She's something else. Tricksy she is. Tricksy.

How can men be so blind? Wonder if she'll show him the Cavil swirl?

Oh poor Athena, having to watch.

Holy crap is right. How is this happening? How is Hera doing that? How is Kara doing that?

No, no taking Hera. Not ATHENA!!! She's going to take her to Cavil. FRAK!!

And so the song begins again.

Daniel's not dead. Daniel created that music to bring them all together. And Daniel is Kara's father. Which means that she is the first hybrid.

Who did this? imaginary father. Sadly he's not the first imaginary man in my life. There was that not Leoben guy too.

There's something I want you to remember...It was all a lie.

I dont like seeing that much pain. Too much. Need to go find something fuzzy.

Like she's going to power down. But you can't hit her, not with cute little adorable Hera on board.

Frak x6!!


You did this Chief. You did this.

Cavil wants Hera. I think I am going to be sick.

She's plugged into Daniel. And somehow she'll find a way to help Sam.

Oh Chief.

What an amazing frakking episode. Loved, loved, loved it. Ooh and Dreilide Thrace at the Opera House. The Cylon music. The opera house dream. A missing model that was supposed to have been destroyed. Hmm...coincidence I think not. Ack, next weeks episode looks made of awesome as well.

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