Sunday, March 8, 2009

Islanded in a Stream of Stars - A BSG Recap

After last week’s episode, which was made of awesome, I am not sure what to expect. Ack, why is this show ending. With Galactica falling apart, the end is coming. Makes a girl sad. As always spoilers if you havent seen this week yet.

Can I have BSG toys like Hera? I’d have my own little battles. Maybe incorporate some Firefly dinosaurs. It would be great.

Look at Galactica. The poor girl really is falling apart. All the wounds from the past four years, the scars and the wear and tear of it all. She was never supposed to be the home she has become. She was supposed to be a floating museum that tourists come and gawk at. And in this shot, you see the heavy toll reality has taken on her. Skin and bones. Makes me sad.

And still they try to fix her, to save her. Love this Six. I will call her pony six because of her ponytail. She has moxy. I like her. Stop your bitching.

John’s going to dissect Hera. Let’s hope not. She’s perfect on the outside, all cute and adorable. He doesn’t need to see her insides.

The Colony. Scuse me? So you would have us jump into a Cylon’s hornet nest for one solitary child. Umm..yeah, because cute adorable kids need to be saved. And bonus the Colony could be the Earth you’ve been looking for all along.

Kara the voice of reason to Lee. Usually it’s the other way around. But yes, something did happen. Hera knew the notes to a song, the notes to Kara’s father’s song, and maybe Daniel’s song. The song that led us to Earth. The song that activated the Five and the song that may help Kara understand who and what she is. Did I mention Hera’s just cute and adorable. I mean that other stuff helps, but cute and adorable = automatic save. Its right up there with baby animals.

In other words its our destiny to go and save her. Wrong. I've had it up to here with destiny, prophecy, with God or the Gods. Look where it's left us. The ass end of nowhere; nearly half of our people are gone; Earth, a worthless cinder; and I can't even walk down the halls of my ship without wondering if I'm gonna catch a bullet for getting us into this mess. Great line. And have some more booze Bill.

Look at me. Its not fair. My happy Agathon family is supposed to be the happily ever after.

I hate seeing this much pain. It just kills me.

The dreams are back. Maybe Caprica Six is saving Hera from the Cavil Eight.

Yeah, Roslin’s okay.


Would he have saved her if she had been human?

61 Dead or missing. The mutiny only cost us 43 lives and Gaeta’s mutineers were a bit trigger happy on the Galactica population. And only 5 more jumps left before she tears in half.

Must be hard saying goodbye to all of your women at once. *sniff* Don’t say things like that. You must feel like we’re abandoning you. No, you just need a little more attention.

Its nice that they are bringing up the implications of Galactica’s possible demise. Galactica is the civilian fleet’s only means of defense and now it would mean using the Cylon Basestar (who only until a year ago were the reason why humanity is just a rag tag fleet of ships on the run) as the only means of protection and leadership. That’s huge. If I were the fleet captains I would be wary as well. But what can you do. Its not Galactica’s fault she is falling apart. She’s been taking the blows for all of you, saving your asses, but there is a price. Even the hero of the story cant survive all of the bullet wounds.

And now they’re excited to cannibalize her parts? First they don’t want her demise and now they are happy to have her demise if it means that their own ships will profit from it. Bastards. Yep, I’m bitter. I love my girl. Yes, practically and realistically it makes sense to salvage what you can. There is no home in sight and you need what you can. But its like grave robbers, stealing everything they can before the body can even grow cold. Especially after all that Galactica has done for them. She deserves more respect than that. And yes, she is like a character for me. Just like Serenity. Grrr….argh.

Gaius Baltar!?! Yeah, I hear ya Lee.

Angels take the form of those near and dear to you. To steer you back onto the road of redemption. Is that what Kara thinks? Does she remember now, her father’s face? Was it Slick’s? Is she angry at herself for not recognizing him? For not saying everything she wanted to? Does she think she is crazy?

I believe in these angels because I see them. Funny how head Six has gone from the sultry sex kitten in the red dress to wearing white. Her last dress was still sexy, but now she has this girl next door one on. Which I also love. I have said it before, but the Cylons get all the great dresses.

I haven’t decided to join your harem. Good for you Caprica. Its odd how estranged those two have become, so far from the Caprica and Baltar from four years ago.

But Gaius seems to feel her loss. You haven’t changed Gaius not really. But I have. And she really has. Then again Gaius has to, even if it is in small ways. Maybe it is me seeing the best in people, but I want the redemption for Baltar that he preaches to the masses. I want him to find peace.

Thank you for the privilege of finally being able to meet my father before I die. You shouldn’t be thanking me. I spent most of my life trying to kill your kind. *sniff*

I want my mommy. Take me home. I want my mommy. Oh poor Hera.

I really hate this Cavil Eight. A lot.

Pirate Saul is wondering where all the whiskey went. Why is all the whiskey gone?

You want to know who my family is lady? The people on this ship. I love that he called her lady.

You were my husband 2,000 years before you even met Bill Adama. But it really is just a number to Tigh. He doesn’t remember it all like Ellen does, only flashes that don’t make sense. To him it doesn’t matter that he is Cylon that believed he was human. He’s Tigh. Saul Tigh, second half of the TighAdama bromance, XO to a Battlestar that is falling apart and the guy who is trying to hold it all together and failing.

You’re wrong Saul. You had millions. Kind of hard to wrap your head around. Concept of being a father. With Liam, it was a concept he understood. But being the creator, the father to all of the models is difficult.

Hera can project too. Awesome.

Missed a spot. I love you Kara even when you are peeing. Snarky even from the john. Regularity. That must be important when you’re full of crap.

The only thing I know for sure is I’m not an Angel. What could Baltar’s tests prove. His Cylon detector was a sham anyway.

And yet in this shot they certainly make her look like an Angel. Subtlety is still not your strong suit BSG, but I love you anyway.

So they brought Anders to an immersion tank in Galactica. He’s Galactica’s hybrid. This must be hard for her. This is her husband. Her Sam. She talks about she once told him that she would put a bullet in his head if she ever found out he was a Cylon and then some frakker beat her to it, but how all she wants is to have him back. Human/Cylon doesn’t seem to matter because you are just Sam. You are my Sam.

Oh Kara, don’t do it.

Hybrid Sam wont let her. Reason function. Reason function. There’s that whole Kara Thrace is the harbinger of death thing again. He blinks and the lights flash. Oh Sam, will you save the Galactica or bring about its end with too many jumps.

I love it when Daddydama reads. So does Roslin.

Coddle wont mind. It’s medicinal. *grin* Remembering all of the plans they had, the cabin, a normal life, a happily ever after. Sometimes I wonder what a home is? I hear ya Laura. Home isn’t a place. It’s a feeling, a feeling of safety and belonging. Daddydama is home. Galactica is home. Its hard to leave home. *sniffles*

Baltar the scientist. We haven’t seen you in a while.

Anders really is Galactica’s hybrid. Theoretically he could jump, but the hybrids know better. There’s a hole in the bucket…dear liza. Dear liza. Yeah well its mah bukkit.

Projection cupcakes. I want one.

If I am supposed to feel something for Cavil Eight. I don’t.

Aw, Daddy Helo wants to find his daughter. Helo needs hugs. I give great hugs. Aw frak, don’t cry. Maybe it is a suicide mission, but at least give me the chance to do something. Something better than just sitting here waiting and doing nothing.

You outed Kara, you smarmy selfish bastard. And she knows it. He uses everything for his own needs. He really hasn’t changed. Caprica was right.

Not my Kara. Kara would have decked the frakker. But I think somewhere in there she's just given up. Part of her knew that Gaius would do it. Did she do it intentionally, just so that someone else knew? That she wouldnt have to hide it all.

Lee’s certainly thinking about the whole decking the egotistical cockroach.

This is all that matters. Aww, my Lee/Kara shipping geek is feeling all warm and fuzzy right now.

Yeah, I’d tap that too.

*shiver* Ugh.

You’ll have all sorts of new playmates to play with real soon. Huh?

You can put all the paint on her you want and she’s still broken Papadama. Tired and broken no matter how much she loves you.

*sniffles* Sad.

No, no stripping. No abandoning ship. Ack, this really is the end. This series is ending, an amazing tale. I’m not ready. I don’t want Galactica to end like this. I want her to go out on a blaze of glory. Pappadama, Laura in his arms, and blow frakking Cavil out of the sky so that the cycle will end. Because we know without his girls, Pappadama wont be the same. He cant survive losing them both. Let them all be together.

Great shot.

This week wasn't as great as last week's which has had repeated viewing, but it was still good. The end is so near. You can feel it in the storylines. Makes me all sniffly. So is Kara being an Angel, an illusion to a being of light or a hybrid? And can there be at least one more Kara/Lee makeout scene please, just for me?! What did you think?


  1. I laughed out loud at the Pirate Saul wondering where all the wiskey went caption :-)

    I am not ready for this show to win either :'(

  2. ?!? I am not ready for this show to be over either [no idea where the "win" came from]