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The end is frakking nigh - An ode to BSG

It is ending. One of my favorite shows ever. It is not only the best sci-fi show since my beloved Firefly left the small screen, but one of the best shows on television. I started out a fan of the original series. It was shows like BSG, Buck Rogers, Bionic Woman, etc that made little smirking a very happy camper. When I heard that sci-fi was re-imagining the show I was intrigued, but a bit worried. Then I found out Starbuck was a girl. *gasp* the shock and horror. I even tried to watch the mini-series and found myself changing the channel for something else.

And then I tried it again and fell in love. Starbuck became the character I identified with and I stick to my firm belief that Kara Thrace could kick old Starbuck’s ass any day and yes I would pay to watch that fight. It had elements of the old show I watched as a kid but became something much more. I had my space battles and my humor, but it discussed war and terrorism, of what it means to be human and the question of god as a whole. There wasn’t the hamming it up of the old series. It was dark. It wasn’t afraid to go to places people didn’t expect. It made you think. It made you yell and laugh and scream at your television. And let’s face it provided some very pretty people to look at for an hour every week.

And now it is ending. *sniff* The end is frakking nigh. Just a few hours to go really. I decided to hold off watching the first part of Daybreak and have a nice good old send off watching all precious three hours. Me and some comfy pjs, some of those delicious brownies, a drink filled with mostly rum and my two best friends in the entire world on the speaker phone. Its not the frak party I would have liked, but my family is too far away from me right now.

I thought the show deserved a proper send off in my fangirlyness. So here are some of my favorites of BSG as well as some assorted BSG goodies for fans out there.

Favorite character: Kara “Starbuck” Thrace. This should come as no surprise. Actually I love all of the women (okay maybe not Tory) of BSG. They are strong, intelligent, and yet vulnerable. But Kara, she is my favorite. She is strong, passionate, damaged, snarky, and beautiful. Every time she is on the screen, I kind of ignore everyone else which is difficult because the show is filled with amazing characters played by amazing actors. I see so many parts of myself in her. I get her, even the parts that are broken. I love where they have taken her character, even the parts I don’t understand yet. I just love her to pieces. And come on who doesn’t have a big old crush on Katee Sackhoff?

Favorite Cylon: At first I would say Leoben because somehow there is something about him that manages to hit quite a few of my personal kinks. Also, I have adored Callum Keith since Due South. But my lustful delusions aside, I have to be honest in admitting I have really liked Six. Tricia plays her many copies well and my favorite has been Caprica Six. She really has changed since the first moment we met her. And yes, the boys love her. So for you, I give you…

Favorite Episodes: Wow that is difficult. There are so many good ones, and yes a few bad. I will restrict to my top 5. Okay scratch that top 10 with honorable mentions.

1. “33”. It took me two tries to get through the miniseries, but it was “33” that had me hooked. The fatigue, the tension, the drama, the paranoia of having to jump every 33 minutes. It was crazy. And the destruction of the Olympic Carrier…heartbreaking. Here’s where we see that anything can happen and it did.

2. “Scar”. The Kara Thrace happy hour, well maybe not happy. This episode is great because we also get what life is like for the Viper pilots and we learn that even the Cylon raiders can learn, remember and harbor vendettas.

3. “Revelations”. Because admit it the last final moments of that episode was a swift kick to the gut. More than that, Papadama’s reaction to Tigh being a Cylon and so many other brilliant moments.

4. “Maelstrom”. It showed us that Kara is more than we thinks he is. I remember watching the episode and screaming at the television. No, it couldn’t be. They wouldn’t. It was the first time I broke my ‘no spoiler’ rule I was so despondent. And yes, another Kara episode, but it is so good.

5. “Someone to Watch Over Me”. A beautifully directed episode that was as filled with questions and answers to make your brain ache. And there was pain, a lot of it and for making me almost weep right along with them, the cast deserves shiny gold stars. The Daniel/Kara/Seven mystery continues.

6. “Crossroads”. We learn four of the final five and sit there shaking our heads going no…and wanting to throw Tory out of an airlock or maybe that is just me. It is a great two parter that definitely changed everything.

7. “Rapture”. Another gut punch when Helo murders his own wife so that she can save their daughter. Ack. As Helo holds his wife’s body I am sobbing right there with him. But also D’Anna sees the Final Five and we begin to wonder about them even more.

8. “Exodus”. Best space battles evah. Goodbye Pegasus, hello atmo-jump. It is the best episode of the New Caprica story arc and I loved every single moment of it. Kind of makes me forget the whole love square.

9. “Flight of the Phoenix”. We needed something to keep everyone going. When Chief decides to start making his own Viper from scratch, I adored him just a little bit right then.

10. “Final Cut”. Hello Apollo. To be Kara at that moment, sitting behind Lee as his towel nearly falls to the floor. Shallow of me…yes, but Jamie Bamber = yummy. Plus I love D’Anna doing her little documentary on the people saving the fleet’s ass every day.

Honorable mentions: “You Can’t go Home Again”, “Kobol’s Last Gleaming”, “Downloaded”

Other goodies: It's BSG day in a lot of places.

A beautiful picspam ode to one of the best casts and shows ever.

The cast tells us why they love BSG

The end credits of Ron and David from Season One. I am going to miss those too

So what are your thoughts? What are you going to miss? What do you love? I will have my last picspam recap sometime over the weekend after everyone has a chance to watch it.

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  1. I believe that it was the 4th episode that completely sold me on this series [not sure of the name] but right behind that episode is Scar. . .

    I already miss this show *I am about ready to do a straight-through marathon

    Since your series finale recap isn't up yet, I'll leave my thoughts here:

    I loved every minute of the finale - the epic space battles, the emotion, and my personal favorite - when Chief witnessed Tory's betrayal, and his reaction to that! [you would never see that happen on any other television show]

    I'll be looking forward to reading your thoughts!!