Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Meme: 5 Random Things

So iMike tagged me with a new meme all about the randomness I suppose. Actually it is all about six things you probably didn't know about me. Unless of course you're my sister, brother-in-law or my best friends Paul and Cassie. Then this is old news and sorry to waste your time kids. Have fun looking at the pretty pictures. But the rest of you prepare to be amazed or underwhelmed, possibly both. *smile* I think it's going to be one of those weeks.

The Rules:
1) link to the person who tagged you.
2) post the rules on yer blog.
3) write six random things about yourself.
4) tag six people at the end of yer post and link to them
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I dont know where it started or when really, but I love bats. Have loved them forever. I even think wee little vampire bats like those two are cute as all helln (how can you not think they are adorable). I have stuffed animal bats, little pewter bats, bat cards, bat stickers, etc. Even cute little ones that used to hang from my ceiling. Back when I lived in Sioux Falls, my family (see aforementioned sister, etc) and I would head down to Omaha to the zoo every year. They have an amazing Nocturnal exhibit which is modeled to look like a cave including an exhibit with a bunch of free flying bats with nothing but a bit of netting separating you from them. I could spend hours there watching them, and I do mean hours. And we're not even talking about their new exhibit in the rainforest building where they are actually flying above you, past you, etc. They made me leave. I even love watching the little Gary Oldman vampire bats eat. I am the girl who squeals happily when there are bats about instead of squealing like a little girl...unless of course that little girl is very very happy. They get such bad press. I don't know why.

As a service brat I have lived a lot of different places and was even born on a very cool island. Where is it? Guam is part of the Mariana Islands, near Micronesia which is over by Indonesia and the Philippines. It is a US Territory, fairly small, but beautiful. My dad used to fly his C-130 into typhoons because he was a crazy person. *grin* And he did this a lot. They sometimes call Guam 'typhoon alley'. I don't remember it because they moved away when I was just a baby, but I love the stories that my parents used to tell me. I also haven't been there, but it is something I want to do before I die. I am hoping that before I come back from Japan that I can visit. Would love for my dad to meet me there and show me around.

I love the myths. Zeus, Artemis, Athena, Apollo, Nemesis...their stories make me smile. Maybe it started after watching Clash of the Titans when I was a kid. Or maybe it was stargazing with my dad. He'd point out the constellations and I would want to know the stories behind their names. Another bit on the to do list is to go on a mythological sabbatical and visit Greece and then to Italy and do the Roman side of things (even though they blatantly stole from the Greeks because like Eddie Izzard said: They invaded Greece,conquered them and stole all their gods... and renamed them with Roman names, ‘cause the Roman gods before that were kind of crap, you know - Geoff, the god of biscuits, and Simon, the god of hairdos… "Oh, let's get some of those! Thank God they've got some gods, ‘cause we have these crap gods")*smile*

I don't have too many of the traditional fears. Spiders, not a problem. Actually bugs in general not really a problem. Not that I want them crawling all over me mind you, but not that scary. Mice, also not scary. Afraid of the dark - nope. What about heights - not really. But needles. Yeah, we are not friends. This scene was the most horrifying of all of them in any of the Saw films. I seriously don't know how Shawnee Smith did it, fake needles or not. In fact, I think I watched the whole scene through a hand in front of my face. Zombies, monsters, scary serial killers not that frightening. I am a horror fan, but needles... *shivers* I would give blood, donate to the cause, but can't. I tend to freak. Even looking at that picture gives me the heebie jeebies.

I am pagan, not prescribing to any particular religion as any religion that says my god is better than your god kind of makes me giggle. Faith and spirituality are part of my life though. But in the end it is a hodge podge of a little bit of everything. If I was independently wealthy not only would I travel a lot, but I would love to have my own little pagan shoppe/herbalism store. I would call it High Spirits and it would be brim full of books on many religions, chock full of supplies from herbs to candles to live plants, you name it. There would be a place where people could have tea or coffee too. Nice, feel at home atmosphere. However, if I am traveling all the time due to being independently wealthy, the hours would vary...a lot. *smile*

Many moons ago I fell in love with a little show called Buffy: the Vampire Slayer brought to me by Joss Whedon, whom I heart tons and tons. I also made my foray into the interwebs chatting on threaded and linear posting boards that Fox used to have up when the show was still on the air. It was called The Bronze and I was an unabashed Bronzer, posting and chatting happily to my fellow fans and sometimes writers, actors, and crew from the show. Every year the Bronzers would get together and geek out in sunny California for a Posting Board Party. We'd all get together and visit set locations and then party down at a local club/bar. Cool thing...the organizers also invited the entire cast and crew and we also did a lot for Make a Wish. My first year to one of the parties I went to California to meet a bunch of online friends. My father was convinced I would be kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery or that my friends were actually axe murderers. Neither was discovered to be true. I had a blast and more parties followed. Not every day you can meet and actually have decent conversations with people like Eliza Dushku, Joss, Seth Green, Tony Head, Danny Strong, and more. Fandom brought us together and it was made of awesome. I even have a little scrapbook of photos from all of it. Sadly I never got to meet James Marsters which is a damn shame considering my obsession with him, but it was good times. Good times. I kind of miss my old Bronzers.

So there you have it, six little known facts. But I am not going to tag anyone in particular so if you want to be part, chime on in. I would love to read your answers.


  1. Guam is closer to Japan than Indonesia so you can stop there on the way back to the US for not much more. The Marianas Islands are part of what is called Micronesia. You may think that your dad was nuts for flying into typhoons but there is a lot of training that goes into doing this and safer than spaceflight. Only 1 WC-130 was ever lost back in 1974 and the Hurricane Hunters still are doing it today. I think your dad will find Guam a different place than it was back in the 70s...joey, ex-Typhoon Chaser.