Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Disquiet That Follows My Soul

Yet another BSG Picspam Review/Commentary by yours truly. Have your own review of the episode, let me know otherwise feel free to speculate in the comments.

Uh oh, Cally must feature in this episode. I don’t miss Cally. Her death, while still a bit shocking didn’t make me go…gosh that sucks. It made me hate Tory a bit more, but I have never liked her. She’d horrid.

Daddydama gets up, brushes his teeth, takes a shower. See, BSG people are like normal people folks.

Ooh and he has piles of TBR books cleverly disguised as furniture and modern art sculptures like I do…or well in his case as piles of books. Roslin should get him a bookshelf for his birthday.

Ah, little cylon baby. Wonder if he will be a pirate too?

Its our baby Saul. I need a drink.

What? Now they are all dovey dovey? Is he still seeing Ellen?

I mean Earth’s a cinder, Dee’s dead, suicides are up, fleet’s a mess, president’s missing in action, but hey got to make sure the Cylons are taken care of. Snarky Felix, hey how are ya? Not bitter at all. Or crazy. Good to know.

I am a bad ass and I am not answering your questions.

Hee hee, Lee pushed Zarek out of the way. It’s because his tie is prettier.

Oops…I wasn’t supposed to say that. We believe she…I mean he…Oh look over there, something shiny.

Theirs. I mean Ours. Or Yours. Maybe you’d like a chart to keep it all straight.

I don’t like mean Gaeta. I want old Gaeta back. As in opera singing, kind of emo but good guy Gaeta. I liked him. Not so much crazy Gaeta.

Acute Renal failure? Umm, but he’s a cute little plump hybrid baby. Can that happen? Poor Nicky. Here have some crackers.

When Doc says lets have a talk, and starts off with this is going to be a shock…this can mean only one thing…Nicky is not his. So much for my hybrid ‘when they grow up’ pairing of Hera and Nicky. So who’s the daddy aka who could get Cally to stop whining long enough? Kind of sucks for Chief though. Looks like he needs a hug.

She looks like a little kid who just knocked something over just for kicks because she knows its wrong, but cant help herself. It’s kinda cute. Also Roslin has a rainbow collection of pills.

You tried to throw me out of an airlock once. Still cryin about that. Kara, I loves you.

Gaeta, you should stop now, Kara will beat your ass down in snark vs snark war. She is Queen. All should be in awe. Plus, she’s…well she’s special. We’re not sure what she is, but its special.

At least I’m not a gimp. See…she won. Told you. And yes the pity frak is out of the question.

People are so gonna die when Cavil shows up.

Roslin/Adama they are so cute. And McDonnell rocks.

I kinda missed Gaius.

We should talk. Nod. Punch. Really Hotdog, you didn’t see that one coming?

I love that Gaius is completely unimpressed with the fight.

Frak. Mutinies…and… Finding a crispy critter Earth has not helped things. Everyone is so aimless, so lost. It’s great because its real. People didn’t just shrug and go…oh, well. People have handled it fairly badly. How would you react?

Zarek…you are so, and when I say so, I mean sooooo dead.

Should I send in a medic?

I am so gonna hit you with pointy objects Felix.

Aw, cute coupledom. About damn time. Except I must admit that bald Roslin always makes me giggle.

So I end with is: did we have it all wrong? Maybe Roslin was never the dying the leader, but perhaps it is pill popping Daddy Adama. And is everyone going to think Kara is the last cylon? Though it is a bit frustrating to kind of put the whole Earth thing on the backburner (I think it is because we all know how much time is left and I think we can all agree that it is not nearly enough) I like this storyline. A friend of mine said this episode was Ron & Co giving us what we need not what we want.

We're seeing the fleet at their worst. Earth is a crispy critter, suicides are up, fleet's a mess, no one is picking up their trash anymore, Roslin's...well a fun sort of crazy and people are in a bad place. Earth has always been a reason to keep going. It was a hope and reality just tore that shiny happy puppy to pulpy pieces. People are in a bad way (save for Doc, Helo, Athena and Hera who seem to be fairly chipper), but its realistic. People are lashing out and making some rash decisions. How would you react when put in the same situations?

And as much as I want to kill Gaeta with pointy objects right now, I get him. Something broke when Dee killed herself. Something broke when Gaeta was on that ship during the Webisodes. Something broke when he lost his leg. Something broke when....well when has something good happened to Gaeta of late? He's a brat and needs a good swift kick in the head and probably wont last to the end of the series, but he's a worthy advesary right now. As much as he annoys me and I want my old opera singing, kind of emo Felix back, I like hating him. His character is still interesting.

As far as Kara goes, I still think she has a very important role to play. I still think that Maelstrom episode has some importance that we dont quite see or realize yet. While I am kind of on the Kara is Tigh's daughter theory...which makes her punching him in the miniseries that much funnier, I think there is something going on that will surprise us all. Cylon is too easy. Ship of Light being involved maybe too nostalgic and easy, but would be interesting if the Ship of Lights could be the 13th cylon that is posed. *shrug*

I am a happy BSG geek. I am happy to have it back and dont think the show has lost its stride at all. I have questions. I want answers. I have wants, but maybe its not what I need right now. Plus I have faith, they havent let me down yet.

What did you think?


  1. The whole Gaeta thing irritates me too. I want to see Kara kick his ass now, and I think we'll have that opportunity in the near future.

  2. I agree with SQT. . . :-)

    Awesome post my friend!!

  3. I really do hope so my friends because Mr. Gaeta so desperately needs a good ass kicking. In fact I would volunteer at this point. ;)

    I must admit I will be also very pleased to see the other half the Cylon force show up. Action = good times.