Thursday, January 8, 2009

Through the Looking Glass

There are a few things that make me giddy about Tim Burton’s adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. One: it has a great cast including long time crush Johnny Depp, the always amazing Crispin Glover (the Knave of Hearts), Helena Bonham Carter and more. Two: The use of live action and performance capture to tell the story. Three: I am already in love with Alice’s costume (see right) and cannot wait to see the production design. Four: Did I mention Johnny Deep as the Mad Hatter already? Just checking. And of course this is all from Tim Burton whom I adore. According to Burton, while he wants to keep some of the iconic images and ideas of Alice he admits that none of the film versions have really captured the material as he sees fit. This is his chance to do that. While I will wait and see how Mia Wasikowska does as Alice, right now she looks divine. Did I mention I love her dress?

Other cast members include Anne Hathaway as the benevolent White Queen, Helena Bonham Carter as the villainous Red Queen, Michael Sheen as the Cheshire Cat and if rumours are true Alan Rickman as the Caterpillar with Christopher Lee also having a part. The only thing that remains is the many long months in between (the film is said to be released in 2010) production, post production and finally my giddy little heart catching it in the cinema.


  1. I too am interested in this... I'm infatuated by Johnny Depp but, not in a homosexual way. My fiancee says I'm "gay for Depp" because I don't deny his looks. lol

  2. iMike, how can you deny the Depp? I have decided he can do everything but fly and have been enamored with him since creeping in and watching Nightmare on Elm Street when I was a youngin. Beyond being extremely pretty he is, by far, one of the most talented actors out there but unfortunately gets the 'pretty' label. Why he doesnt have an Oscar already I shall never know. Now if that Dark Shadows remake ever gets made with Depp as Barnabas my geekergasms may have no end. Depp with fangs that's all that needs to be said.