Sunday, January 25, 2009


I watch a lot of tv. Half of the time it is while I am doing something else, but it makes me happy. Sometimes I wonder where I get the time to watch it all and then I remember, thank the Gods for DVRs because I rarely get to watch television on the night it airs. That’s what the weekends are for. Unless of course it is Friday or Saturday, then it is quite clear where I will be. Anyway, here’s what I am looking forward to this week.

SUNDAY: United States of Tara (SHO): Having Multiple Personalities is like having a kegger in your brain while you are passed out cold on the sofa. I love Toni Colette. Secret Diaries of a Call Girl (SHO): Not as good as last year but I adore Callum Blue. The Last Templar(NBC): probably going to be horrible and a made for tv movie that screams a Dan Brown book, but perhaps will entertain me while I do my laundry.

MONDAY: Big Bang(CBS) and How I Met… are repeats, although if you haven’t watched either show I immediately order you to do so as they are the best comedies on right now as far as I am concerned. So it looks like it may have to be the second half of The Last Templar(NBC) or just some general catching up of films I have lying patiently on the DVR. There’s Ab-normal Beauty by the Pang Brothers or Step Up 2 because yes I am a sucker for any and all dance related media. Not sure what I will be in the mood for.

TUESDAY: Fringe (FOX): Still interesting. And worth the watch. This week brains are getting turned into liquid. Fun. Leverage (TNT): Good show. You should try it if you haven’t already. It’s the Snow Job and oh look I have five inches of snow outside my window right now. Not that that probably has anything to do with the storyline, but I am just sayin.

WEDNESDAY: LOST(ABC) because it is made of awesome. Wednesday = Lost Day, just like Friday = BSG day. Two of my favorite days of the week. Lie to Me because I am still intrigued and still like Tim Roth.

THURSDAY: Burn Notice (USA) remains a good show. This week Michael, Sam and Fiona pose as car thieves. Eleventh Hour (CBS) I watched the original with Patrick Stewart and this isn’t a bad Stateside remake. This episode features a man who has two developed hearts. Maybe it’s Doctor Who. America’s Best Dance Crew (MTV) Go Quest Crew and Beat Freaks. They’re my favorite right now. Finally, Supernatural (CW).

FRIDAY: BSG (SCIFI) best show on tv right now. This episode looks like one hell of a doozy. I cannot wait. Psych (USA) I laugh, I quote and wish Gus and Shawn were my best buds.

SATURDAY: aka the day I actually get to watch some of this stuff.

So what are you watching or looking forward to?

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  1. Sundays are family day for me and my family, so no TV. . .

    Mondays - I watch the CBS line-up [Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, and Worst Week] 2 hours of hilarous comedy!

    Tuesdays - Fringe and definitely Leverage! [I call it the A-Team of the 21st century] I love that show!

    Wednesdays - Criminal Minds

    Thursdays - Smallville & Burn Notice [I was watching Eleventh Hour, until Burn Notice started back up - without a DVR currently, I have to pick & choose]

    Fridays - Monk & BSG!! [I was watching Psych, until BSG started back up]

    Saturdays - Legend of the Seeker!!