Friday, January 16, 2009

Sometimes a Great Notion: BSG Geekasm

I love Battlestar Galactica. Anyone who reads Confessions should know it by now simply for the picspam that is my layout, avatar, etc and yes Kara Thrace is my hero. Alas no Frak party this year as my family is too far away, but I am perfectly content to sit here with my frou frou drink which consists mostly of rum, my puppy at my side and some smore brownies I just made and geekily type my reactions as I watch. So, yes if you haven’t watched it already, now is the time to stop reading.


You have been warned. Last chance... Okilidokili. This may be revised later with picspam once I have caps.

Now onto the BSG Geekasm

Recap happiness. Oh my how I have missed you BSG. It helped that I just spent the past two hours watching the last two episodes to refresh my memory. Oh yeah I remember. Earth frakking sucks. You should have seen my face, actually all of our faces at that tasty revelation so many moons ago which is why I heart you Ron and David. You’re like Joss Whedon in your punch in the gut tactics that leave us breathless, screaming at the television and crying for mommy, but begging for more.

Kara! Leoben! Two of my favorite people. Except without the white paint sex. Though that was hot way back when.

Tory’s still evil. Hate her. Want to throw small pointy objects at her.

Erm…*Roslin looks to Daddy Adama* You say it. *silence, shaking of head from the awesomeness that is Adama* No, you say it. *more silence…mental defeated ‘frak’* Hi, we’ve been to Earth and it kinda sucks. Actually it blows with a capital C. Okay bye, hugs and kisses. Toodles.

Uh-oh Shaggy…those are my ship numbers. Oh this cant be good.

Re: Hera, Athena, and Helo - They are the cutest family evah! I want my own little hybrid cutie. And no I am not talking about Helo, though that works too. Hera is just too adorable for words.

Whoa…skeletons that are centuries old…and Centurions…erm…

13th tribe was Cylons. I so called that one. Granted I was probably drunk at the time, but I remember saying that. Really, I do. Ask Paul.

Creepy shadow puppets, that’s fun. Or not when you remember you once wore that jacket and those glasses. Or that the shadow is what is left of you.

You know I always liked Lee when he was CAG, suit Lee is not as awesome as Apollo Lee. No, no….no LeeDee…bad. Don’t go there again…please. I beg of you. Is really bad idea.

Small talk with Leoben - $50 bucks of snark
Awesome shot leading to wreckage - $100 bucks of awesome
Finding your own dead body – Pricele…WTF? Oh she’s going to need even more therapy than before.

I will say finding your charred skeleton still with non charred blonde hair is funny though. And kinda special.

Oh Kara needs a hug. I need to give Kara a hug. She is my beautifully damaged frakked up and fragile beauty who will kick your ass and laugh while she does it. I love her to pieces and I can’t imagine why no one else would. Plus Katee’s hot. And so is Jaime I mean seriously in my next life I want to be a towel) and Tahmoh and Michael and… In space, there are only hot people.

Anders with covered up arms. Which is sad, but understandable considering the weather. Cylon Anders played a lot of Guitar Hero on Earth that Was. Sweet.

Ewww…Tory again. Can’t she just wade into the ocean and get eaten by the Kraken or something.

Ooh, bad Roslin. Burning books, really? Shame, shame. It’s a book. The bibliosnark is not thrilled. Oh its okay, I didn’t mean it. Don’t cry. Frak. Now, I’m gonna cry.

Okay bad enough to find your own dead body, but then to throw it on a pyre? The things going through her head have got to be insane right now. So wishing there was an inner monologue.

Did I mention no more DeeLee? Don’t you dare kiss. Seriously. Don’t you dare. I don’t care if you were married. Nooooooooooooooo! *le sigh* Cute dress though. Its not that I don’t like Dee, she grows on you but the love square of season three seriously worked on my last nerve.

Gaeta, I adore you. Everyone thinks you’re the last cylon, but my money is on someone that will completely have us screaming WTF or hey, cool and you’re too easy. For a while I have always thought it was Ellen because of the pairing in the Last Supper picture since the empty seat is right next to Tigh and she was killed by drinking poison which makes the goblet relevant. Plus that makes three couples at the table, not that that is anything significant and plus she is so left field and could be ‘screaming for the light’. And the boys did say that it is someone we have already seen. Though I think if you made it Ellen, you’d have a lot of people screaming at the tele instead. *shrug* Maybe Kendra Shaw. Would love for it to be Lampkin but that’s because I love Mark Sheppard. Probably gonna be Gaeta cause of the webisodes.

Holy frak! Holy frak. Okay when I said I didn’t want a DeeLee thing going on, I did not mean you had to go and do that. (see aforementioned gut punch)

Poor Lee. No, don’t cry Daddydama. Seriously, I am going to be a blubbering mess by the time this is all over. No, looking under the sheet is not going to help. Its going to be gross. Ah frak.

Whoa scary Papadama. Umm…I would run away folks. No, seriously….run the frak away. He is not a happy drunk. In fact, is scary drunk. I think I need something fuzzy. This can’t go well. Will stalk Ron and David and shout angry things at them if they hurt him or even Pirate Tigh. Tory’s okay though. Shoot her dead and I will cheer.

You got no guts. You’re a frakking machine. That’s kinda mean. But you’re just picking fights aren’t you. You want a fight. I think you’re about to get one.

Talk about taking characters to their lowest points.

Tigh refuses a drink, that never happens. I guess realizing you’re a Cylon is a form of AA. Good to know.

Kara’s back yeah. Okay, Lee….something I got to tell you. I found my dead body and then I burned it. Weird I know, not sure what it means, but thought I would share. Am I hybrid? Or maybe I am Tigh’s daughter, cause that would be cool and…funnt. Sorry what were you saying. Oh wait, Dee’s dead. Then nevermind about my bit. Your day already sucks. You know she’s taking the whole dead thing really well. Its why she is made of awesome.

Frak Earth…hee hee. Graffiti at its…best?

No, don’t leave Earth. It might get better. It could be like Wall-E and there’s a plant growing in a fridge.

We will find a new home. So say we all.

Cycles. Man creates Cylons. Cylons kill man. Man creates Cyclons. Cylons kill man. Kara Thrace rules the universe.

Umm…now is not a good time for a swim Tigh.

No frakking way…Ellen. You mean I was right? Have I had too much rum? Seriously? Whoa…she’s like the special one. *rewind…love my DVR* Whoa x2 and she knows about copies and being reborn. So why are the final 5 so revered, so special from the other copies? Are they naturally born and reincarnation isn’t so much reborn into glowy goo as it is reborn in another sense? As in past life type shtick? Cause that would be cool. But then explain to me why she was such a whore? You’re supposed to be special Ellen, not a female Barney which actually is a really bad comparison because Barney from HIMYM just rocks.

Egads my brain hurts. That was heartbreaking, confusing, amazing, overwhelming, ridiculous, terrifying, and perfect. It’s so good to have you back BSG. Oh how I missed you.


  1. Holy Frak! How did I miss this blog?

    I so wish you lived in Ca. I would have loved watching BSG with you, drinking a frou frou drink and eating brownies. Sounds like heaven.


    My take-- which isn't worth much. But still.

    The Ellen thing has me confused, which is the point I suppose. I guess it's because of the Kara thing. Kara thinks she's a cylon, that seems pretty clear. But if you go back to when she was painting the picture on the wall and there was a pretty clear picture of the Ship of Lights, which goes back to the original BSG. I don't know how close the show's writers are going to stick with the original story, but I think they're going to bring that storyline in to explain Kara's disappearance. So I don't think she's a cylon.

    Ellen though... I think she may be a red herring. Tigh has hallucinated before (as cylons are prone to do) that he's seen Ellen, so she may not be the actual last cylon. Another twist might be that she's an aged Six. This might make sense since the Thirteenth Colony is made up of Cylons-- they can obviously age since Tigh has known Adama since they were young. And Tigh was totally enthralled with Six when she was locked up on the Galactica, and that might have been because she looked like a young Ellen. If that's the case, the last cylon could still be anyone.

  2. I can't believe I've never read your blog before now. I love BSG and am always looking for other frakkers to theorize with. Last night was...well enlightening and confusing. Can't wait for more.

    The "red herring" idea is intriguing.

  3. SQT: Its okay, blog's been up for like a week or so. You havent missed much. *grin* I too wish I was in CA watching it with other BSG geeks because it really is one of the best shows on television and the gambit of emotions running through my head last night was amazing.

    I too thought they might bring the whole Ship of Light thing into the series due to the picture. It would also account for Kara's ship being white and perfect and being brought back to life. However, part of me hopes that they dont go too far into that old storyline where things turned all good vs evil. I prefer the questions like 'what makes us human' and such that Ron and David put out there. Still, I think Kara is going to play a big part in these next 9 episodes. They have to resolve how she came back before the series ends. I had always thought that maybe it was the fifth cylon that had saved her, that had been 'head Leoben' in the Maelstrom episode, but maybe it was Seraph instead. *shrug* I still think it was cool that for once Leoben was afraid of *her*. That takes a bit of doing you would think.

    The Ellen as a red herring thing is a good notion. Things just didnt fit after the credits rolled. Something isnt quite right. It seems far too easy. I like the Ellen = Six theory and yet these final five seem to actually age and thus far we've only seen now 'Six'. Though we dont know all that happened on New Caprica, having Ellen Six and Six Six in the same room would have been odd. Would they have recognized one another? But like I said Ellen being the 5th is too easy, too simple.

    Ooh I could discuss this all day. *grin*


    Melody: pleasure to meet you from one frakker to another. I look forward to the theories.

  4. Yeah, the Ellen thing is a stumper. It might simply be that Tigh is hallucinating the memory. I remember something once when Six said that cylons can vividly imagine themselves in different surroundings. I can't remember exactly. But early on I always thought Baltar could be a cylon because of the way he always had vivid hallucinations of Six-- though I now doubt he's a cylon.

    I've been thinking about it. I think Dee could be a cylon. When she was on the beach and found the jacks she lost it. I think she might have had a memory like the Chief, Sam and Tigh did-- of when the planet was annihilated. I'm not sure, but someone one another board mentioned that there was a picture of Dee on the beach in her locker and it might have been a clue that Dee had a memory of the beach on Earth. If so, that might explain why she shot herself. She could have wanted to see if she'd resurrect somewhere else. Just a thought.

  5. Oop it looks like Ron has confirmed that Ellen really is the 5th in this little interview:
    I nabbed. I think I kinda dig the 'pair' notion, a star crossed pair which makes you understand how protective Tigh is when it comes to Ellen no matter what she did and who knew about it.

    Some other interesting questions posed and answered as well. Thought you both might enjoy it.

  6. Darn it. I liked the idea of Dualla being a cylon better. The whole suicide thing is so depressing-- though I get. I'm glad they explained the thought process, though I think I would have liked a more dramatic choice for the last cylon. It just seemed like it was all leading toward that. Ellen seems anti-climactic.

  7. Another great Blog, my friend!!

    I had to read this post twice, as you were all over the place - hahahaha :-)

    All I know is that we are getting the answers they've promised, and for that I am grateful!

    Can't wait till next week!