Sunday, January 25, 2009


How was your geek week? Any recommendations, movie reviews, etc?

BEST IN TV: BSG is made of awesome even though this wasnt as great as last week. It was amazing last week and this week was pretty damn cool as well. See last post of BSG picspam. Speaking of amazing shows LOST returned. In the future I am hoping to have my crazy LOST theories every week but couldn’t seem to muster up the energy to do it this week. However, I will say that the boys are still in fine form because LOST continues to amaze. To be honest it was a great week Lie to Me was pleasantly intriguing, but maybe that’s because I like Tim Roth. United States of Tara delighted me, Psych, Big Bang Theory, HIMYM and Burn Notice continued to make me a happy little tv geek, and America’s Best Dance Crew makes me want to get up and dance. Go Beat Freaks, Quest Crew, and Strikers All Stars. It was a good week.

BEST IN FILM: Persepolis was absolutely beautiful. It was heartbreaking, funny and poignant with an amazing score. You really should watch it. Netflix queue gave me Death Race which had Jason Statham in it which sadly was enough for me to enjoy it. He’s yummy and I can be shallow. Though I will say Joan Allen cracked me up. Also had Funny Games which was good, but I liked The Strangers a lot better in the end.

BEST IN PRINT: Fables Volume 2: Animal Farm See my review over at Bibliosnark to see why it was the best of the week.

BEST IN MUSIC: I have been listening to the Sunshine soundtrack a lot in an effort to distress a bit. Beautiful score by John Murphy and Underworld to a movie I quite enjoy. I absolutely love The Watson Twin’s cover of The Cure’s Just Like Heaven. Top Five new tracks to my iPod would include: The Little Things - Danny Elfman/Wanted Soundtrack, Godan daginn - Sigur Ros, Love and Hate - Benoit Guerin/Persepolis Soundtrack, Mouthwash - Kate Nash, and Not an Addict - K’s Choice

OTHER GEEKY THINGS: I made a weekly jaunt to the library and picked up the first three TPs of the Ex Machina by Brian K Vaughan which looked too intriguing to pass up, as well as a bunch of other comics which I look forward to reading on my day off tomorrow. I also hope to pick up a new cell phone which I lost almost a week ago, but been too poor to pick up a new one. And finally I have been catching up on some scrapbooking and other crafts because its been too cold (four inches of snow to add to the pile this morning) to do anything outside.


  1. You continue to remind me why you are so awesome! ;-)

    I frakin love Burn Notice! [as well as Big Bang Theory!]

    Being that the family is still traveling, we no longer have a DVR, so I have to pick & choose my shows - while I enjoy Psych, it competes against BSG - no contest there - duh! and Lie to Me was against Criminal Minds, which I raelly dig, so that lost out as well.

    I have yet to see Lost, though my parents gave me the 1st season over the holidays. . .

    Well, I gotta go read your BSG post! :-)

  2. J: Well the great thing is most of the stuff is available on hulu or off of the websites themselves so you can catch up a bit. If I could I would send you happy dvds of tv goodness for you and the fam to watch while you guys travel travel travel. LOST is good. I think you would like it.

  3. I appreciate that! :-)
    Though it leaves me time for other things - family for one, and reading for the other! :-)